The Expertise To Meet All Your Needs

Control Panels USA’s staff of SCADA and PLC Integration specialists possess the skills required to program and commission your control system. Our staff is familiar with all major equipment manufacturers and is committed to continually educating themselves on technological advances and new platforms. CP USA has the staff, resources, and expertise to provide anything from a small custom application to providing a turnkey SCADA system for an entire new plant with several thousand I/O points.

CP USA can provide client-server applications, as well as database collection, storage, and creation of custom reports to meet all your management and governmental regulation requirements. CP USA can also create custom alarming and remote call out features to make offsite operations personnel aware of any critical situations. CP USA can setup remote connections to allow high level operations personnel access to data.

CP USA also offers remote support through VPN connections via phone modems, internet connections, or cellular technology. In addition, CP USA can quickly dispatch cellular or satellite based kits that are easy to connect, which allows CP USA to remotely monitor, troubleshoot, or make changes. CP USA serves clients from North America, Puerto Rico, to Canada with remote connections. This is just another technique CP USA employs to keep cost down for our clients while providing rapid response to critical needs.

Remote Access

Control Panels USA provides a one stop solution for Remote Telemetry Units (RTU’s). CP USA provides path studies, selection of appropriate radio systems of varying technology, as well as erection of towers, termination and testing of all cabling, along with full startup and commissioning services.

CP USA can provide stand-alone systems or solutions for users with 50+ sites all talking to one central command center. Towers can be provided for heights of 20 feet to over 150 feet. We can also install Antenna systems on top of Elevated Storage Tanks or other high profile structures.

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Blower Controls

CP USA has developed the highly coveted Most Open Valve DO control; allowing for the ultimate efficiency and control of aeration basins. Our technology has been deployed in installations across the country.

We have developed High Speed Turbo Blower code, in addition to the traditional multistage blower controls for one of our premier OEM clients, which has allowed them to be a successful and dominant force in the blower market in a short period of time. Our PLC and HMI blower code, along with our panel assemblies, are installed in thousands of systems around the world.

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