Expert Design

At Control Panels USA we work to provide the best solution for our clients by striving to understand the underlying needs of the customer. We are able to quickly produce panel designs using the latest control techniques at a fraction of the cost of other providers.

Our vast controls and application knowledge, special expertise, and exposure to a wide range of industries allow us to provide new ideas and solutions to our clients.
Take comfort that your control systems are designed by a staff with years of experience and poses Professional Engineering licenses in multiple states.

Control Panels USA can bring your equipment up to date with cutting edge technology along with custom HMI and PLC programing. We specialize working with OEM’s to create custom HMI’s and PLC programming that provide great flexibility with the OEM’s equipment options, while minimizing the number of control systems and programs that need to be utilized. We are able to provide custom hidden screens that allow manufacturers to select options, and to customize their equipment for certain applications.

In addition, we employ custom screens that allow for much quicker startup, commissioning, and troubleshooting by the OEM onsite personnel. This results in a more reliable system that reduces custom programming for each application and minimize startup and commissioning time on each project for the OEM.